SBC International Law Associates in Thailand

SBC International Law Associates has a long history in Thailand and a
strong network of relationships in the various government organizations,
Royal Thai Police and Immigration Police. The Firm's key areas of legal
services are corporate services, immigration and executive transfers,
litigation and dispute resolution.

With Thailand's growing economy and the increasing sophistication of Thai
business communities, the Thai courts of justice have increasingly had to
deal with more complex issues of commercial, corporate, intellectual
property, maritime, privatization, banking, financial, securities,
environmental, tax, and trade law. There has therefore been, in recent
years, the establishment of specialized courts in the court of justice
system to address such issues, namely an Intellectual Property and
International Trade Court, a Central Bankruptcy Court, a Labor Court, a
Tax Court, an Administrative Court, and a Constitutional Court. The Thai
legal system continues to be under review for modification to meet the
needs and ever-growing international stature of the country.

SBC International Law Associates has the expertise and experience to guide
foreign enterprises through the complex government laws and approval
procedures in order to undertake investments in Thailand.

Areas of expertise also includes immigration and executive transfers,
intellectual property and offshore company services. Consequently, if you
need re-assurance that your application for long term stay in Thailand
will be granted, then SBC is the solution to your worries.

The firm acquired extensive experience in both foreign and domestic laws,
this invaluable experience has enabled the firm to provide quality legal
services to the satisfaction of our clients.

- Corporate services
- Immigration services
- Executive Transfers
- Litigation and dispute resolution
- Interliectural property
- Real estate
- Accounting and taxation services

SBC International Law Associates
317 Kamol Sukosol Building
Level 8 Suite 8B Silom Road
Bangkok 10500 Thailand
Tel: +66 2 631 2066
Fax: +66 2 631 2990


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