Gluckstein and Associates LLP in Toronto and Ontario

Gluckstein & Associates LLP, Personal Injury Lawyers, is one of Toronto's
and Ontario's top personal injury law firms dedicated to providing
assertive legal services to our clients and their families who have
suffered serious personal injuries. Gluckstein & Associates LLP
concentrates in matters involving car accident injuries, long-term
disability, accident benefit claims, wrongful death and serious personal
injury and claims including brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Gluckstein & Associates LLP knows that financial compensation, benefits
and the best legal and medical care are very important to you, your family
and loved ones. This is why the firm's staff includes a team of skilled
legal professionals and in-house medical and rehab consultants dedicated
to helping you face these important issues.

The personal injury lawyers at Gluckstein & Associates LLP have over a
century of collective legal experience combined with an outstanding track
record of verdicts and settlements in personal injury cases. Gluckstein &
Associates LLP believes that each case is unique and we demonstrate this
philosophy by being the first personal injury law firm to include medical
and rehabilitation consultants as part of our team to ensure that your
case is handled with care and professional service.

Brain injury
Spinal cord injury
Slip and fall
Injuries sustained in a car accident
Medical malpractice
Disability claims

595 Bay Street, Suite 301, P.O. Box 53
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5G 2C2
Tel: 416.408.4252
Fax: 416.408.4235

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