Abrams and Krochak Canada Immigration Law Attorneys

Abrams & Krochak has become one of the most respected Canadian Immigration
law firms in Canada over the past decade, providing personalized service
and a unique understanding of immigration issues and how they affect
people's lives. Everyday, the firm puts our over 30 years of combined
experience into practice bringing skilled professionals and family members
to Canada, helping people a dream of a better life in Canada.

The perfect record of converting Canada immigration applicants into
Canadian residents is a testament to high level of professionalism and
attention to detail. The form applies this same approach to each and every
person applying to immigrate to Canada.

Many of clients receive Canadian Permanent Residence without even having
to attend an immigration interview because their filed paperwork is
prepared by Jeffrey Abrams & Peter Krochak in accordance with Citizenship
and Immigration Canada's exacting standards. The AKCanada difference
ensures that every person's application is always handled by Abrams &
Krochak with the attention and priority it deserves.

Immigration Accessment and Aplication for
- Independent / Skilled Worker Class
- Family Class
- Business Class Investors
- Business Class Entrepreneurs
- Business Class Self-Employment
- Provincial Nominee Program
- Canadian Experience Class

Abrams & Krochak, Professional Corporation
Canadian Immigration Lawyers
250 Merton Street, Suite 402
Toronto, Ontario
M4S 1B1, Canada
Tel: (416) 482-3387
Fax: (416) 482-0647
Email: askus@akcanada.com
Web: http://www.akcanada.com

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